6months into my pregnancy and only really starting to understand how much emotion one uses during this process. Truth is, a lot is happening, you’re doing your best to remain the same but you’re changing. Not everyone understands your fragile state. It could be teary or grissly , no one really knows. No matter how […]

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Pregnancy beyond Miscarriage…

19weeks into my pregnancy… Still afraid to let people know. I thought I’d be ready for the big reveal at 12weeks but I was wrong. When you’ve never had a miscarriage you don’t realize how much of it you carry even when you finally do conceive again. Everything you do is taken in small baby […]

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Are you here today?..

I never knew it had a term until recently, ‘Destination Addiction’. We are at some point all guilty of it. We want so much out of life that we fail to realize how addicted we become. Don’t get me wrong, ambition and addiction are not the same thing. We want a good career, a good […]

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Don’t ask!

There’s questions people ask that they shouldn’t. When you’ve been dating for a few years, ‘When are you getting married?’. When you’ve been married a few years, ‘When are you having children?’ When you’ve gained a few pounds, ‘what happened, you used to be so slim?’ Some answers to certain questions are a hard pill […]

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Tired as a Mother!

I have a 12year old son and we recently had to have a sit down about why we left him behind when we went hiking. Why we left him behind when we went to a surprise 42nd birthday. I told him that as much as he can go to the park and play with his […]

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